Tapas bar explores modern interpretations of kimchi

음악 2023-12-11 00:13:44 96585

Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish consisting of fermented vegetables, often cabbage and radish, is ubiquitous in Korean cuisine.

This timeless Korean staple is reinterpreted at On 6.5, a contemporary kimchi tapas bar that is making waves in Seoul's dining scene.

Kimchi, traditionally thought of as a side dish, takes center stage at On 6.5, which has redefined the way we eat kimchi with their creative dishes.

Located in the Anguk-dong neighborhood, the year-old bar exudes modern ambiance blended with traditional Korean influences in its interior and the various objects that decorate its dining hall. Upon stepping into the hanok bar, guests will encounter a white moon jar created by artist Park Sung-wook, while the colors of the three main ingredients used in kimchi -- red pepper, green vegetables and white salt -- can be found throughout the restaurant.

Symbolizing the kimchi fermentation process, the walls are painted in gradations of red and the plates and the bowls have "kimchi" written on them, declaring in no uncertain terms that all the eatery's dishes feature kimchi.




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